Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 9: Mountain Hiking Holidays Shikoku Pilgrimage Group

A beautiful morning to start our hike from Nagaoji (Temple 87) to Ookuboji (Temple 88). The hondo (left) and Daishi-do (right) at Nagaoji.
Beautiful old tree in the temple compound at Nagaoji.
En route from Nagaoji to Ookuboji, we passed this stone monument along the pilgrimage route.
The pilgrimage route in the Kurusu Valley en route to Ookuboji.
Gentians blooming along the trail to Nyotai-san.
"This way to Ookuboji!" At stone marker (hyoseki) point the way up to the summit of Nyotai-san and Ookuboji (Temple 88).
The trail ascending to the summit of Nyotai-san.
Violets blooming on a sunny slope below Nyotai-san.
Almost there! The final pitch to the top of Nyotai-san. From there it will be virtually downhill all the way to Ookuboji.
Descending from the summit of Nyotai-san. You can see the henro shelter on the summit of the peak in the right background.
A well-maintained, stepped path descends to Ookuboji from Nyotai-san.
The hondo at Ookuboji. Temple 88! We made it!
Statues at Ookuboji.


Dave Hanson said...

Hello John,
A friend shared your blog with me. Thank you for the noted, pictures and notes on the pilgrimage group. The Shikoku pilgrimage is something that I have also looked at doing. Currently I am doing the Oregon Coast Trail in sections but still can feel the connection between self, earth and spiritual journey. Thank you again,
Dave Hanson

John said...

Thanks for your message, Dave! I hope you have an chance to do the Shikoku pilgrimage--maybe even join us on our next group trip to Shikoku.

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